Welcome to Blackthorn, a Classic+ Dark Age of Camelot freeshard project.

Rediscover the magical old world of pre-ToA DAoC as if for the first time. Immerse yourself into a uniquely redesigned Classic experience, full of new wonders and hidden secrets. Blackthorn strives to preserve the precious nostalgia of Classic DAoC, while blowing new life into the gameworld and solving the challenges that have plagued it since 2001. Join us in our modern day resurrection of authentic Classic DAoC and explore the lands of Midgard, Albion and Hibernia as you’ve never experienced them before!

Contact the team on Discord for an invite to our closed testing phase which is playable right now!
Level the old school way through PvE grinding, immerse yourself in various Quests or Explore the world to discover brand new rewards and hidden secrets! Progress smoothly as a solo player or join a group at any time thanks to our unique auto-grouping system.
No more need for the old boring crafting grind! Get ready to experience a fully revamped and integrated crafting system. Salvage and trinket anywhere, earn Craftskill, level XP and Realm Honor through crafting for your realm mates and become Legendary while you PvE!
Taste the buzzing RvR of old Thidranki in under 2 hours after creating your character thanks to our 10-35 level range and our unique bolstering system, which ensures that even low level players can join the fight and earn levels and RPs through PvP!
Relive the old sense of realm pride through our unique Realm Honor system! Honor your realm mates and friends as you grow stronger, or gain Realm Honor as a well respected guild and enjoy all the benefits and QoL rewards that go with it.
Explore new ways of progressing and fun new endgame content at level 50. Whether you want to play the game in Hardcore mode, earn cosmetic rewards or unlock new crafting recipes or QoL benefits, Blackthorn’s endgame won’t disappoint!
Roam Old Frontiers once more, but this time, with a twist! We are proud to bring you the first truly revamped Old Frontiers experience in DAoC history. Stay tuned for more info!
Rediscover old items with updated stats and enhance your gear through a completely renewed crafting system as you level out in the field! Get templated and RvR-ready easily on your journey to 50!
Log in and play however long you like, whenever you like. Rested XP and RP bonuses will help you catch up, auto-grouping systems will help you find groups quickly and easily. Make new friends and enjoy the game at your own pace!
Powerful, meaningful and sustainable incentives ensure a constant flow of friends and foes in RvR. Use our Dynamic Porting system to get right to the action you’re looking for. Whether you want to PvE or RvR, our revamped Old Frontiers will provide you with great opportunities, even when player numbers are low!