Rules apply on all Blackthorn platforms unless otherwise specified.

General Conduct
  • Use common sense.
  • Excessively offensive, sexual, political or ideological names and speech is not allowed. We reserve the right to determine what is excessive and act accordingly.
  • Trading real life money for in-game favors, returns or accounts is not allowed. Buying or selling in-game currencies for real life money is strictly forbidden.
In-game behaviour
  • Cheating or hacking is forbidden. This includes radar tools, speed hacks, fly hacks, auto-clickers etc.
  • Exploiting bugged mechanics to gain unfair advantages is not allowed. If you encounter a bug please file a bugreport. Exploiting it without filing a report is a bannable offense.
  • No dual logging.
  • Account sharing is allowed at your own risk (if someone else gets your account banned you may not be able to recover it).
  • Coordinated cross-realm cooperation (such as RP farming) is not allowed.
  • Players may freely switch realms, there is a Realm Timer of 15 minutes on RvR activity.
  • Contacting players on the other realm through /send is allowed but general conduct rules apply. Harassing or insulting players is forbidden, especially when logging into another realm to do so.
  • Griefplay, harassment or otherwise intentionally damaging other player’s gameplay experience are not allowed.
  • Abusing global chats in general is not allowed. Self-advertisement for anything that is not related to in-game elements through global in-game chats is strictly forbidden.
Blackthorn Staff
  • Blackthorn is a volunteered project. The Blackthorn team is not liable for any damages caused either directly or indirectly by interacting with the Blackthorn environment.
  • Blackthorn staff will never ask for your passwords or private details.
  • Blackthorn staff will remain anonymous. Sharing identity details of a staff member is a bannable offense.
  • Harassment of staff members is a bad idea if you like playing on our server. (:
  • Please use the appropriate channels for contacting us.
  • Blackthorn staff retains the right to intervene in any situation regarding our services based on our own judgments.
  • Abuse of power or toxic community relations will not be tolerated from our staff members.
  • Blackthorn staff retains the right to play on the Blackthorn server with 'anonymous' characters if so desired. All rules apply equally for all players, including staff-owned characters.
  • By using our services, you agree to the saving of your account names, logins and IPs in our database. This information will be strictly managed to prevent leaks, we take your privacy very seriously.